Understanding Gold - As An Asset Class

Uncover the hard facts of gold and how you can benefit from it

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As Indians, we have been told that gold is the best investment. But is this really true? Uncover the hard facts of gold and how you can benefit from it.

Become familiar with the job gold plays in our money related framework and why when done right, it very well may be probably the best for your portfolio. Right now, you will discover all that you have to think concerning why and how to put resources into gold.

This comprises of learning and applying the accompanying:

  1. History of money and the relevance of gold in those times.

  2. Crucial components that influence the cost of gold.

  3. Best way and instructions to put your savings into gold

Your Instructor

Harsh Goela
Harsh Goela

Harsh is an expert in Fundamental Analysis, Economics, Behavioral Economics and a stellar Motivational Speaker. Trained under several experts and with a empirical experience in Stock Markets of more than eight years. Equipped with an in-depth view of Financial Markets, Financial Instruments and alternative investments like Real Estate, Commodities, Currency etc. As a Motivational Speaker, won several awards and reaching Top Eight Motivational Speakers in India at the age of twenty one.

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  Understanding Gold
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